Ever since the official presentation of the game, Capcom has confirmed that Dead Rising 4 will benefit from a short period of exclusivity for Microsoft’s platforms ( Xbox one and Windows 10 ).

However, the exclusivity period will end this month and Capcom has confirmed that Dead Rising 4 will arrive on Steam and the game will also be physically available for PC starting with March 14, 2017. With this opportunity Capcom also released a new trailer for the game and we can also take a look at a few new screenshots from the PC / Steam version of Dead Rising 4.

in Dead Rising 4, Frank West returns as the main hero, the story taking place – again – in the city of Willamette, Colorado, 16 years since the events in the first Dead Rising game.

Frank West has to face new types of zombies such as The Fresh, newborn zombies, which are faster and more aggressive or The Evo, which are more agile and powerful.

Besides vehicles and the possibility of combining a series of weapons, Frank West can also make use of special armors – EXO Suits, which give him increased strength and more firepower.

Moreover, those of you who pre-order the game on Steam will get a 20% discount and you’ll also get the X-Fists Exo Suit Weapon.

Dead Rising 4 va fi lansat pentru Steam (PC) pe 14 martie 2017, fiind deja disponibil pe Xbox One şi Windows 10 (Windows Store). Cerinţele de sistem pentru versiunea Steam a jocului pot fi consultate în tabelul de mai jos.

Dead Rising 4 will be released for PC ( on Steam ) on March 14, 2017. The game is already available for Xbox One and Windows 10 ( Windows Store ). The system requirements for the Steam version of the game can be seen in the table below:

Dead Rising 4 Steam system requirements

Below you can also see some of the newest Dead Rising 4 screenshots:


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