Danny Masterson is no longer part of The Ranch cast as the actor was fired by Netflix after four women accused Masterson of raping them at the beginning of 2000. Danny Masterson is the second actor to be fired by Netflix after Kevin Spacey was fired from House of Cards.

“As result to on-going talks, Netflix and the producers removed Danny Masterson from the cast” a Netflix representative told CNN. ” Yesterday was his last day on set and the production will be resumed at the beginning of 2018 without Masterson” the rep added.

In a statement Danny Masterson said he is disappointed by Netflix’s decision of firing him.

“Since day one i denied the outrageous accusations against me. The police investigated these accusations more than 15 years ago and established they are not valid” Danny Masterson said. ” I was never charged, never convicted. In this country people are considered innocent until convicted but right now it seems you are guilty from the moment you are accused” Danny Masterson also added.

Danny Masterson also said that he can’t wait to clear his name once and for all and he thanked the cast he worked with on The Ranch.

The news about the rape accusations against Danny Masterson date back to March of this year when journalist Tony Ortega wrote on his website that Danny Masterson was being under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

A representative of the LAPD said that there is no new information regarding the investigation.



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