Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are Instagram sensations and their posts make them good money.

The couple travels around the world and the photos they post on Instagram are very well paid by companies that want to advertise on their feed.

Together, Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen have more than 3 million followers on Instagram  and they have been dating for approximately one year after they met each other in Fiji. Now they live in Indonesia, they travel around the world and they’re getting paid for that too.

Jack Morris says he received $9000 for a single photo while Bullen received $7,500. Morris says that he’s not accepting deals worth less than $3000.

Morris says that most money come from deals the couple has with international brands. A telecommunications company paid $35,000 for two days of shooting and five photos posted on Instagram.

Jack Morris dropped out of school when he was 17 and got a job at a carpet cleaning company until he decide to take a huge risk by moving to Bangkok. He managed to create multiple successful Instagram accounts which he later sold, and he only kept the current account that attracted not only more followers but also companies that want to advertise.

One of his trips took him to Fiji where he met Lauren, who was doing the same thing as he was. Their passion for travel quickly made them go on the same path.

Jack Morris says he doesn’t use phone apps or filters to edit his photos and he only uses Adobe Lightroom to take photos.


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