Distributed through the Windows Update, the update the provides the Windows 10 1903 version caused a little riot on forums and discussions groups, unhappy users complaining about the fact that the KB4512941 patch is overloading the processor by up to 30%-40% and in some cases it reaches 100% load.

But the problems do not stop here: Windows 10 users who updated their Windows version to 1903 are complaining about problems with Cortana and the Windows search feature.

The KB4512941 Windows 10 update, which became available on April 30, 2019, was suppose to fix a problem caused by another problematic Windows update, affecting the functionality of the apps that use Visual Basic 6, VBA and VBScript libraries.

In some cases, the problematic update causes the unjustified load of the processor, it blocks the Windows search feature and it also causes other functionality problems.

Microsoft has been contacted for updates and the company has confirmed the problem. Microsoft promised that a fix will be created and released in the second half of September.

Some experienced users have managed to get rid of all problems by editing a few parameters in the Windows registry. For other users the most handy solution is to uninstall the KB4512941 update.


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