chris evans captain america

Marvel fans will get to see a few changes in future movies. One of these changes has something to do with Captain America. A recently published article in The New York Times confirms that Chris Evans will quit the Avengers franchise and will no longer play Captain America. The New York Times says that after the Infinity War sequel next year, Chris Evans will stop playing Captain America.

Marvel has spent a fortune on salaries for big stars but their contracts will expire very soon. Robert Downey Jr. might also be replaced in the near future by a younger and less expensive actor and this – most likely – will also happen with other famous actors in the Marvel Universe.

Captain America might be “reborn” through someone who is no stranger in the eyes of Marvel fans. Actor Sebastian Stan, who played Bucky Barnes is in the cards about becoming the future Captain America.

Unlike Chris Evans and other big actors in the Marvel Universe, Sebastian Stan’s contract is not set to expire anytime soon. He still has to do four more movies after Avengers 4, which is quite enough time for a new trilogy and then some.


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