The days of the chocolate might be numbered, considering the fact that the world continues to face severe climate changes. Two thirds of all the cocoa in the world comes from western Africa, and Ivory Coast is the biggest cocoa producer in the world.

Cocoa trees grow under increase humidity and with the help of tons of rain water and these two elements might become nearly nonexistent in this region in the next 30 years.

Ivory Coast and Ghana officials are trying to find solutions to save the cocoa plantations as they face the possibility of losing their ecosystems because of climate change.

Specialists estimate that the world will face a 100.000 tons cocoa deficit in the next few years if the average temperature continues to grow and will reach the level meteorologists are expecting. To support the cocoa production in these conditions, plantations have to be moved in the mounts in order to benefit from proper weather conditions.

A recent report issued by the United States authorities says that nearly 90% out of all 290 cocoa producers will not be able to sustain their plantations until 2050.


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