Although he managed to give the robot some pretty beautiful female features, it is still shocking to see that a Chinese engineer decided to marry the robot he created.

Zheng Jiajia was always a very skilled engineer. Before creating his own company in 2014, the man worked at Huawei for many years. In all this time he lost faith that he will find a woman to spend the rest of his life with. Because he couldn’t cope with pressure from his family regarding marriage, he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to a robot, a female robot.

Marrying a robot is not officially recognized in China but this doesn’t mean it is illegal. Anyone can celebrate such a moment with their loved ones, and Zheng Jiajia managed to include many Chinese traditions in his wedding. The wedding was attended by his mother, friends and college buddies.

The news first broke on and now it is being reported by the media world wide. Because the bride is unable to move, Jiajia held “her” hand permanently at the event and transported “her” in his arms. The guests even brought gifts for the two.

The bride, who is named Yingying, has the knowledge and maturity of the age 31, according to the groom, although she was created two years ago. Through a computer connection, Yingying can verbally communicate, it is a pretty advanced artificial intelligence, she has access to a huge collection of audio archives and is capable of recognized photos and objects. Jiajia promised that he will never get divorced and also promised to work on the bride to be able to move by itself, or “herself”.


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