Connected cars are in demand more and more and they are even more popular than electric cars but they are easier to create if we consider a technical perspective.

Only if we analyze how often we use our smartphones every day we can notice how much technology has progressed as well as the data broadcasting sector in the last few years. For this reason many companies are taking measures to handle the increased data needs.

Chevrolet is one of these companies and the car marker wants to to pay $20 so you can enjoy unlimited Internet access in your car. Chevrolet is the first company that makes this proposal. Chevrolet’s plan allows Chevrolet car owners to go online using the OnStar 4G LTE wireless system.

This a a major move for OnStar and Chevrolet because data usage is growing. Car markers are saying that drivers have used 200% more internet data in 2016 compared to the previous year. This shows that implementing such a measure is just natural and much needed especially since many car buyers will take this into consideration when buying a car in the future.

The OnStar LTE connection is backed by AT&T and those who want to enjoy it do not have to engage in a long term commitment as they can drop this feature at any time, without too much hassle ( but we doubt someone will give up on having unlimited internet access in the car ).

This feature is created especially to be used by passengers not by drivers, as they have to keep their eyes on the road. One thing we do know for sure: this feature is becoming more and more popular and it is demanded especially by families with children but also by those who are traveling a lot and want to be connected all the time when they’re on the road.

Would you like unlimited internet access in your car ?

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