Cheryl Cole has finally decided to confirm that she is pregnant and she has done it through a photo shoot in which she puts per pregnant belly on display.

Cheryl Cole was photographed in a long black dress wile touching her pregnant belly and from what we see in the photo, the pregnancy is pretty far along.

The photo shoot was made for The Prince’s Trust which, in partnership with a famous cosmetics company is launching a campaign that wants to help more than 10,000 British young women get more confidence in themselves.

Until now, Cheryl Cole ( 33 years old ) has refused to make official comments about rumors that she and her boyfriend, Liam Payne ( One Direction ) will become parents although she was seen a while back attending an event and her belly was bigger.

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne, who is 23 years old, have been dating for nearly one year. It seems that Cheryl Cole wanted to become a mother and she tried to hide her pregnancy fr as long as she could but now the cat is out of the bag.

We’re happy for Cheryl and we’re glad that she finally confirmed all the rumors. All we can say is that we wish Cheryl’s baby to be healthy and beautiful.


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