The Yahoo Mail service was many times compromised by hackers in the past and now we have some very bad news for those of you who are still using Yahoo for email: the Yahoo Mail service has been compromise again and 32 million accounts were affected.

In this new case hackers managed to access email accounts without passwords. They used modified cookies in order to access the accounts.

Yahoo says that this time the service was compromised by the same group of hackers who hacked Yahoo back in 2014 and that this is a state sponsored attack. More than 500 million email accounts were compromised back in 2014, while more than one billion email accounts were compromised back in 2013!

All these security breaches have lowered the price Verizon will pay in the end to purchase Yahoo. Verizon has made a new offer, $350 million lower than before.

The weak security of Yahoo email accounts is a reason of concern and, if you’re still using Yahoo you should seriously consider migrating to another email provider. Also, weak security is just another one of Yahoo’s problems as, recently, we wrote about the fact that deleting your Yahoo email account seems like an impossible task.

Also, Yahoo says that this latest attack was state sponsored however, we have another theory: what if Verizon sponsored this latest attack in order to make a smaller offer to purchase Yahoo ?

What do you think ?


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