The long awaited winter came with temperatures of -13 Fahrenheit and wind with speeds of up to 99 miles per hour.

Last year, the producers of the highly appreciated TV show Game of Thrones announced that the seventh season will be delayed because they are waiting for winter to come in order to have a proper natural shooting set. Well, the production of the show started a few weeks ago and the producers’ wishes came true – winter has come but with very low temperatures and the cast and production staff are overwhelmed with the working conditions they have to endure.

According to the information  we have so far, Kit Harrington ( Jon Snow ), Liam Cunningham ( Davos Seaworth ), Joe Dempsie ( Gendry ), Rory McCann ( The Hound ) and Kristofer Hivju ( Tormund Giantsbane ) had to work outside at -13 Fahrenheit temperatures while the wind was blowing at a speed of 99 miles per hour.

“The day is short here, between five and ix hours. To transport the shooting gear we can special off road cars, then we have to carry them. The actor are prepared at the Hotel and they are transported to the set. We have some tents here and it’s worm inside” one of the cast told the media.

The Game of Thrones season 7 still doesn’t have a release date but it is rumored that the first episode of the new season will be aired in July of this year.


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