emiliano sala plane disappearance

Cardiff wants to make a decision that some may call it revolting in the case of Emiliano Sala.

Cardiffy doesn’t want to pay Nantes and makes negligence accusations because the club may end up losing a lot of money. At the moment payments were “frozen” until official decisions will be made regarding the disappearance of the plane.

“Cardiff made its position very clear. We had nothing to do with the flight and now we get new information coming in daily, while we continue to investigate the chain of events and the causes of the accident. We are also looking into negligence was a cause of the accident” Cardiff said in a statement.

According to The Telegraph, the flight was independently booked by Emiliano Sala’s agent, Mark McKay, the man who intermediated the transfer of Emiliano Sala from Nantes to Cardiff. The rescue teams think that the plane went down in the English Channel while flying from Nantes to Cardiff on Monday evening. Cardiff also wants to talk to the owners of the Piper PA-46-210P Malibu airplane, a plane built in 1984, flown by a pilot without a commercial license.

The transfer fee of Emiliano Sala from Nantes to Cardiff is 17 million EUR, the biggest transfer fee ever agreed on by Cardiff, plus bonuses that would have taken the transaction into the 23 million EUR area in case Cardiff avoids relegation. Emiliano Sala was supposed to train for the first time with his colleagues on Tuesday and transfer papers were already filed with the English Football Association and FIFA.

The first installment of the transfer fee is 6million EUR and Cardiff decided to freeze the payment. Emiliano Sala’s agents are also entitled to a considerable amount as fees. Overall the entire transaction is valued at approximately 34,58 million EUR, which also includes Emiliano Sala’s salary, taxes plus revenue from T-shirt sales.


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