If you haven’t seen the Breaking Bad TV show and you don’t have time to watch all episodes, the good news is that you can see the condensed version of the show as a two hours movie.

Breaking Bad was a huge hit and many fans were anxiously waiting new episodes every week. Many have started to watch the show later and they had to catch up with all the episodes by watching the previous ones. This takes time, of course.

If you want to watch the show again you probably don’t have the time to watch every episode. Well, if you want to enjoy Breaking Bad one more time, one huge Breaking Bad fan has took the time and effort to transform the 62 episodes of the two into a movie with a duration of 127 minutes.

The creator of the Breaking Bad movie says he needed tow years to complete this project. He says that the movie is not a tribute to the Breaking Bad show, but a re imagination of the entire concept, carefully adapted. Basically, it is an “alternative Breaking Bad” created to be seen differently.

The Breaking Bad TV show produced by Vince Gilliam debuted in 2008 and the last episode was aired in 2013. Breaking Bad follows the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher from Albuquerque. He teams up with one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman, and they have to deal with many problems in their attempts to product and sell methamphetamine.

While things progress, Walter and Jesse make some good money, things get more serious and Walter and Jesse have to deal with some very dangerous characters.

If you’ve seen the Breaking Bad show and you want to see the highlights again, watch the Breaking Bad movie. It only takes two hours and you won’t be sorry!


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