A pharmaceutical science teacher is now being investigated by the authorities after it was revealed that he trained multiple generations of students on how to create the MDMA synthetic drug using tools and chemical substances available in the University’s labs.

Tatsunori Iwamura, a teacher at the Matsuyama University in Shikoku, Japan, has been brought up on charges for creating forbidden substances along with his students. The teacher has an unusual explication for what he did, saying that the training he provided his students represents a crucial step in the learning process. The 61 years old teacher knew that what he’s teaching his students might be illegal, but he decided to put education first so that his students can become aware of the effects dangerous drugs have.

The investigation of the authorities into the laboratory of professor Iwamura have not revealed provisions of the MDMA drug but they discovered traces of another forbidden substance, the 5F-QUPIC, a substance derived from cannabis, which has been banned in Japan in 2014.

Professor Iwamura’s experiments with forbidden substances started in 2011 but there are clues that the MDMA samples created within 2016 – 2017 were kept by the professor.

It is not clear whether the training received by students served them outside the classroom but for everything he did the professor might get a slap on the wrist if the authorities can’t prove the professor has not used the drugs for illegal purposes.


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