attack in utrecht tram


Dutch authorities say that at least one person was killed in the attack that took place earlier today in Utrecht.

Dutch TV station NOS says that a white sheet was used to cover the body of a person near the tram where the shooting took place.

A man opened fire” eyewitness told

Another eyewitness told NOS that he saw a woman injured, covered in blood on her hands and clothes.

I brought her to the car and gave her CPR” he said. “When the police arrived, she was unconscious” the eyewitness added.

After this incident, Dutch authorities in Utrecht decided to raise the anti-terrorist threat alert to he maximum level. The National Counter-Terrorism coordinator said the threat level has been raised because the attacker is still at large.

Authorities have also increased security in schools and transportation stations. Dutch police are are investigating the assault as a possible terrorist attack.

Photos from the Utrecht attack

Initial news story

A man opened fire on a tram with passengers, in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

Multiple people were wounded, according to BBC News. The police is investigating the assault as a possible terrorist attack. No arrests have been made so far.

The entire area near the tram station was closed by the police and emergency services arrived on scene. The area is being monitored by three helicopters.

The attack took place at 10:45 local hours.

The police asked the public to limit their movements to not overcrowd traffic.


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