Brad Pitt is seriously affected by the divorce and he is also affected by the legal battle for the custody of his children.

Brad Pitt is now just a shadow of the man he used to be, the man who proudly appeared in public alongside Angelina Jolie, his soon to be ex wife.

Brad Pitt was recently seen – and photographed – by the paparazzi while going to an art studio, and in the photo below we can see that Brad lost a lost of weight lately.

Someone close to Brad Pitt said that he started going to the gym again and he is in a good shape after losing a few pounds.

Moreover, it appears that Brad Pitt got back in touch with his friends and he spends a lot of time in their company. When he’s not cooked up in the art studio where he worked almost non stop lately to try to get his mind out of the failure of his marriage, Brad spends most of his time with his friends.

Things have started to calm down between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt lately as the former couple have started to talk again, six months after they announced their separation.

One thing we do know for sure: after the divorce announcement, Angelina Jolie preferred to stay out of the public eye while Brad Pitt went to the Golden Globes and promoted his newest movie, Allied. But lately things have started to switch as Angelina Jolie received a lot of media attention as she is currently working on multiple projects.


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