A new game launched on Russian social networks named Blue Whale challenges gamers to commit suicide after they enter a “road without return”.

Blue Whale is a game that was launched on Russian social networks, a game that so far has made more than 130 victims.

It’s not clear when and where the game first appeared, but Russian authorities already made an arrest.

According to the authorities, between December of 2013 and May of 2016, eight virtual groups were created by VKontakte in order to promote suicidal behavior.

The game is quite simple: when you sign up you enter the guardianship of an administrator. The administrator gives you different tasks over the course of 50 days and you have to send photo proof that you completed the tasks. At the end of the 50 days, you win the game by committing suicide.

A journalist from tried to enter the game and contacted such an administrator. The first task was to write #f58 on his arm with a razor blade.

The authorities think that Filip Budeikin is behind the Blue Whale game, and at the moment it was accused for compelling at least 15 people to commit suicide. In a recent interview the man claims that the real number of victims is 17, but he says the victims died happy because he gave them what they desired.

People are being threatened right from the start of the game and they are warned that there is no way of going back.

If you know someone who’s playing the game please alert the authorities and try to convince him or her to stop playing.


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