Blair Witch, a game developed by Bloober Team and Lionsgate, was one of the stars of the Microsoft press conference at E3 2019, the game being released at the end of this summer for Xbox one and PC. Well, the exclusive period for Microsoft platforms is about to end and the Blair Witch game will be set to arrive for PlayStation 4 gaming console starting with December 3rd, 2019.

The PlayStation 4 version of Blair Witch will first be available digitally and then physically and will include some improvements regarding the gameplay.

The developers will also include the “Good Boy Pack” additional content which allows gamers to personalize their canine friend: will be included new skins for the dog, new games and wallpapers for the mobile phone as well as new animations for Bullet. The “Good Boy Pack” will also be available for PC and Xbox One, including for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Blair Witch keeps the same first person perspective so similar to all Bloober Team games however it ads some new things such as the dog the leading character will always have around and who warns the player in case of any danger. For the first time in a Bloober Team game there will also be enemy confrontations and the only weapon effective against them is the light from the flashlight the player carries.

Blair Witch will arrive for PlayStation 4 on December 3rd, 2019. The digital version of the Blair Witch game will be available at a price of $29,90. Blair Witch is already available for Xbox One and PC.



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