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Billionaire Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, was photographed while waiting in line to buy a burger, fries and coke from a fast food restaurant in Seattle.

Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world, but when it comes to buying burgers, he acts just like the average American. He sits in line and waits his turn to order.

Bill Gates loves his burgers, so he decided to go out and buy some from Dick’s Drive-In in Seattle this weekend.

Bill Gates, who’s worth $95,5 billion, was seen wearing a red sweater, gray pants and black sneakers, while he was quietly waiting for his turn to order.

bill gates fast food seattle

The photo was taken by Mike Galos, former Microsoft employee, who posted it on Facebook and soon became viral. The photo was shared, commented and liked by thousands of internet users.

“When you’re worth billions, you drive the biggest charity organization in the world and you stay in line for burgers, fries and coke just like the rest of us” Mike Galos wrote on Facebook.

Apparently, Bill Gates paid $7.68 for his fast food order. Internet users were thrilled to see this photo and how Bill Gates behaves. “Nobody seems to notice him, he blends in perfectly” someone wrote on Facebook.

However not everybody was happy to see Bill Gates acting like a regular person: “He’s rich but stupid and this not because he waited in line but because of what he chooses to eat” someone posted.


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