half life

More than 12 years after the last game of the Half Life series was released, Valve has finally announce that the Half Life series will continue.

Later this week Valve will present Half Life: Alyx, a title exclusively developed for VR devices compatible with SteamVR. The presentation will be made on November 21, 2019.

The most recent game of the Half Life series, Half Life 2: Episode Two – was released in October of 2007 and it should have been followed by Episode Three, which Valve has decided to cancel eventually. Rumors about a possible Half Life 3 have been circling online lately and many of them talked about the fact that the game will be released exclusively for VR.

SteamVR offers support for Valve Index headset, for HTC Vive but also for Oculus Rift, as well as for devices compatible with the Windows Mixed Reality ( such as Samsung HMD Odyssey+ ).



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