Revolution Software, the studio behind the highly appreciated Broken Sword series of adventure games has revealed Beyond a Steel Sky, a sequel of the older Beneath a Steel Sky, an adventure game released back in 1994.

As we have gotten used to, Beyond a Steel Sky will have a similar approach and Revolution Software promises to implement some new innovations.

Charles Cecil is in charge of this new project ( the father of the Broken Sword series ), Beyond a Steel Sky being developed, just like its predecessor, in partnership with comic book artist Dave Gibbons. Unlike the game that was released in 1994, Beyond a Steel Sky is entirely created in 3D and will run at 4K resolution with HDR ( High Dynamic Range ) support.

The story of Beyond a Steel Sky will take place in a science fiction world which the producers describe as a “dynamic sandbox”. Precisely, the character’s actions will affect the gaming environment as well as the attitude of other characters as the artificial intelligence of the game will dynamically adapt.

Even if Beyond a Steel Sky takes place in the same universe as Beneath a Steel Sky, and the leading character will be the same, Charles Cecil and the Revolution Software team make assurances that the story was created so that it can also be accessible to newcomers of the series.

Beyond a Steel Sky will be released later this year for PC, gaming consoles and Apple devices ( iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV ) and it is also included in the new gaming service from Apple, Apple Arcade.

If you’re interested in playing the initial game of the series – Beneath a Steel Sky – you can download it for free from



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