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Luke Perry will forever remain in the memory of his former cast mates. Brian Austin Green has confirmed in his podcast that Beverly Hills, 90210 cast have recently reunited in order to honor the late Luke Perry.

I’ve seen people who I haven’t seen in the last 18 years. There were some conflicting feelings because I was happy to see the others but I was thinking “My God, it’s been so long ..and what a horrible reason to see all these people” Brian Austin Green said in his podcast.

The reunion took place at the home of the actress Gabrielle Carteris. Brian Austin Green, 51 years old, hasn’t mentioned the names of the people who attended. “It was really interesting. There were moments when we all laughed and moments when we didn’t knew what to say. But i don’t believe, really, that Luke is no longer with us. Luke was in my life for a long time and we had a special friendship and now I found out that he had an incredible relationship with everybody. He was an extraordinary man” Brian Austin Green said.

Brian Austin Green also said in his podcast that right after he heard the news that Luke Perry died he sent a message to Luke. ” I sent a message after he died, obviously knowing that he cannot reply but for one second I hoped he will. I know he’s up there looking down on us smiling“.

Actor Luke Perry passed away on March 4, 2019, at the age of 52 years old because of a massive stroke.



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