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To underline the dual nature of the last Batman: The Enemy Within episode, the people over at Telltale Games have released two new trailers dedicated to the end of the season, one for each possible ending of the story. The developers promised we can experiment two different endings based on the choices we made throughout the season.

Batman:  The Enemy Within puts Bruce Wayne / Batman in front of new threats from the likes of The Riddler or The Joker. Also, once with the arrival in Gotham of a federal agent without scruples, Batman has to carefully choose his allies to solve the crisis.

The story of Batman: The Enemy Within was designed to be accessible even to those who haven’t managed to play the first season, but it comes with the option to import the choices made by the players who did.

The final Batman: The Enemy Within episode called “Same Stich” will make its debut on March 27, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android. There is also a disk version of the Batman: The Enemy Within series which comes with access to all five episodes of the season.

The Joker is Born | VILLAIN | Batman: The Enemy Within

The Joker is Born | VIGILANTE | Batman: The Enemy Within


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