Unfortunately for Apple, the iPhone X is not the success the company was expecting. Citi analysts estimate that in the first three months of this year Apple will sell 14 million iPhone X units. The bank’s previous prediction was the Apple will sell 27 million units.

According to analysts, the market demand for the $1000 smartphone from Apple is “apathetic”. Citi estimates that in the second quarter of this year Apple will only sell 7 million iPhone X units.

Other analysts ventured and said that the iPhone X doesn’t come with significant innovations and that it costs too much.

To find out why the iPhone X doesn’t sell so well, Piper Jaffray investment bank made a poll among iPhone owners. The poll shows two reasons why people have not bought the new iPhone X.

44% of the people interviewed said that their current smartphone still works very well and 31% said that the price of $1000 for the basic iPhone X version is too high.


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