Turtle Rock Studios, the creator of the Left 4 Dead hit co-op video game but also the creator of the Evolve game ( published by 2K games ) announced a new partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment ( Mortal Kombat, Batman Arkham ).

The fruit of this new partnership between Turtle Rock Studios and Warner Bros. is the Back 4 Blood game, a game that represents a return to the roots, as well as a new perspective on the zombie co-op shooter genre.

Turtle Rock Studios is pretty cheap is providing more details about the Back 4 Blood video game but the studio says it will be a premium game that promises many co-op shooters innovations. For example, Back 4 Blood will also includes PvP modes as well as a story campaign.

What is interesting is that although the game is described as a “future generation approach of the zombie co-op shooter genre” Turtle Rock Studios says Back 4 Blood is currently being developed by PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and more news regarding compatible platforms will be announced later, if needed.

Turtle Rock Studios but also publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are pretty secretive regarding details about the Back 4 Blood video game, both issuing promises that details about the game will be unveiled very soon.


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