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Ben Affleck recently announced that he gave up on being Batman in movies, and now specialists from all over the world are making predictions regarding who the new Batman is going to be.

The actor who attracted the most attention is Armie Hammer. Revenge of the Fans website learned that Armie Hammer is now in final negotiations with the studio ( the contract has not been signed yet ). The information was not yet confirmed by Warner Bros. studio and the race for the Batman role also included actors such as Ansel Elgort, Logan Lerman, Kit Harington, Nicholas Hoult, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Richard Madden and Robert Pattinson.

Armie Hammer could have played the role of Batman ever since 2009 when Warner Bros. was considering doing a Justice League movie directed by George Miller. The movie was canceled because of the writers strike and Christian Bale was cast as Batman in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. There were also some concept images of the Justice League movie directed by Miller, concept images that were not so very well received by fans ( Armie Hammer however posted on Twitter that the suits in the concept images were not the final suits they were supposed to wore in the movie ).

Actor Jon Hamm said last year in September that he is interested in playing Batman as he was always a fan, but only if the script rises up to his expectations.

Ben Affleck played Batman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and in the Justice League movie released in 2017 however he received very bad reviews for his role from fans and critics alike.

“I tried directing a version of the new Batman movie and I worked with a very good writer but I couldn’t go where I wanted with the movie, i couldn’t, so I thought it’s time to let someone else give it a try. I am no longer Batman. They brought some extraordinary people in the team. I am excited for what’s to come” Ben Affleck said last year on Jimmy Kimmel.

The Batman, the newest Batman movie is scheduled for release on june 25, 2021 and the movie is being directed by Matt Reeves.


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