LG is responsible for reaching this conclusion after a poll involving about 14,000 gamers.  The results of the poll show that Xbox players hit 78% of targets, PlayStation 4 gamers hit 74% of the targets and PC gamers only hit 70% of the targets.

Unfortunately for LG’s credibility, this poll was conducted based on a simple game that tests the players reactions, a game everybody can play by accessing this website. You will be asked which gaming platform do you prefer then you are challenged to get the best score possible by repeatedly clicking on targets that successively appear on the screen.

Gamers can choose whatever platform they want, even if they don’t actually own it and the test is done with the help of the mouse regardless if you have chosen Xbox or PlayStation 4. So this is not a very accurate test to accurately measure the reaction time of players who are using a gamepad compared to gamers who are using a mouse. This whole thing is just a ruse from LG to attract attention on the company’s products which is quite frankly a bit deceiving and immature.

Eventually, gamers are still people who love video games regardless of the platform they use to play their favorite game and a truly passionate gamer will always choose the game instead of a blind loyalty to a console or another.


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