jason momoa aquaman

The shooting of Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa as the leading character finished in October of last year but so far we haven’t received a trailer of the movie.

According to director James Wan, this has an explication. The also talked about – on Twitter – about the rumors that a teaser trailer will arrive this weekend.

“Usually I do my best to avoid online chats about my future movies, especially rumors about them but I have to say that this teaser trailer everybody is talking about is not in our plans. And not because someone is stopping this or for another bad reason. I simply am not ready to share what was done so far with the rest of the world” James Wan said.

James Wan says that there is still work to be done on some scenes and doesn’t want to leave nothing at chance: ” This movie is packed with visual effects and the process is slow. Yes, even trailer scenes last forever and I refuse to show something that might be considered average. I assure you that we’re working hard” the director said.

James Wan also said that Aquaman was not really taken seriously in the comic books world but he realized that something amazing can be done with the character.

Aquaman is all set to make its arrival in December of this year.


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