Not long has passed since the iPhone X made it in stores and we already start to see information about the plans Apple has for the future.

It seems that besides a new iPhone Se and a more powerful iPad Pro, Apple is also going to build two new high end iPhone models for those who like bigger displays. So, according to unofficial details, next year we’re going to get the iPhone 11 in two versions based on the iPhone X design along with a newer and bigger iPhoneThe iPhone X turns out to be a real hit for Apple on most markets which is a bit odd considering that you have to be really lucky to buy the iPhone X directly from the store right now. if you want to get it you – most likely – have to wait a few weeks after you place the order so, considering this success, Apple might continue to develop similar models.

From the information we have so far it seems that next year Apple will release an iPhone similar with the iPhone X but with a more powerful hardware platform, a device we will refer to now as the iPhone 11. And instead of a phone similar to iPhone 8, Apple will release one with reduced margins and bigger displays, even bigger than the displays of the Plus family.

So, the iPhone 11 with a 5.8 inches display will replace the iPhone 8, becoming the iPhone with the smallest display in the high-end range of models, joined by the iPhone 11 Plus with a 6.3 inches display for consumers who want bigger screens. The secondary model, with thicker margins around the display will keep the TouchID sensor as well as the metallic body of the iPhone 7 Plus and will benefit from a 6.1 inches IPS display.

Right now we have no clues about the price, availability, new features and so on but we’re sure they will be more powerful, more efficient and hopefully cheaper than current iPhone models.


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