apple watch underwater

Apple’s products are not exactly known for their durability, recent phones being created almost entirely out of glass and the first models with aluminum cases turned out to be too thin and easy to bend.

Apple also has problems with the recent keyboards on MacBooks and even some Apple Watch models had battery problems. Still, an Apple Watch user was very glad after he recovered the Apple Watch he lost in the ocean after six months and, much to his surprise, the Watch was still working.

Robert Bainter, from Huntington Beach, California, likes to surf in the Ocean and the Apple Watch was used to monitor his activity. At some point, six months ago, a very powerful wave caused the watch to be lost in the water and Robert gave up looking for it after one hour. Thinking he will never get the watch back, Robert bought another Apple Watch but he put the old watch in “lost” mode using the Find My iPhone app.

A few days ago Robert received a call from a stranger. The person who called him asked if he lost an Apple Watch and if he can describe it, he will get it back. It appears that the person who found it wishes to remain anonymous and he was searching for clams in the ocean about 5 miles from the place where the Apple Watch was initially lost. Once it was found, the man charged it and he noticed it still works.

Because the Apple Watch was in “lost mode” the watch displayed a message containing the phone number of the owner as soon as it connected to the internet. Considering that the Watch is created to be waterproof but only at small depths, it is really impressive that the Watch managed to resist in salted water for 6 months and to continue to work. It appears that  everything is in working order, besides the screen which is a bit unclear because of the contact with the water and sand.

Robert Bainter admits that he’s an Apple fan now. “I’m a big Apple fan. In the past I used advanced PCs and I liked to have the newest and most powerful system than I realize that Apple does this for you. It does not integrate the most powerful and newest components but Apple products represents top technology done right” Robert says.



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