Apple is interested in producing TV shows with Barack Obama at the core but the Cupertino company has to make a better offer than TV giant Netflix.

Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, is in Apple’s attention for a possible collaboration on some TV shows for the Apple Music streaming platform. Barack Obama is already negotiating with Netflix to produce a similar type of multimedia content, but Apple and Amazon are also interested in the former president.

Barack Obama as well as Michelle Obama are currently into negotiations with Netflix, but Apple might come up with a better offer for the former president and former first lady of the United States. We don’t know exactly what kind of TV shows Barack Obama might do for Netflix or Apple, but they might have something to do with key moments from the time when Barack Obama served as the President.

Barack Obama was and still is very popular in the United States, and – thanks to his two terms as President – Obama still has a very good image and reputation not only in the United States, but also internationally. For this reason, Both Apple and Netflix can produce successful TV shows centered around Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama.

A partnership with Barack Obama represents a serious image improvement for Apple and this might also bring new subscriptions to the Apple Music platform in the future. Apple will offer exclusive content through Apple Music just like Netflix is doing on the online platform, but it remains to be seen how and if Apple manages to convince the former president to sign on.


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