Apple is very conservative when it comes down to the company’s line of laptops. The design of the laptops does not change much over the years and upgrades come rarely, sometimes with very small differences.

However 2018 seems to be the year when the MacBook Air series will either disappear or it will be replaced by a new generation, which will be thinner and more advanced. New rumors about a new MacBook suggest that the cheaper series of Apple laptops will also come with the Retina display.

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Previous information talked about a new series of MacBook laptops at a price lower than the $999 price of the current MacBook Air. If you already have a regular laptop you can learn how to turn laptop into chromebook here. New details published by Digitimes suggest that the new model will replace the current MacBook Air because Apple failed to sign a contract with Chinese display manufacturers and the alternative was to integrate more expensive LG displays.

So, the new MacBook Retina ( 13 inch display, 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution ) will arrive in stores at a price somewhere between $999 and $1299. Most likely this model will come with a new generation processor, Butterfly keyboard and will come with better connectivity options ( USB Type-C ).

The new laptop is expected to enter production at the Quanta Computer and Foxconn Electronics factories at the beginning of this summer so the release might happen in the second quarter of 2018, shortly before the start of the “Back to school” programs. Digitimes claims that Apple is expecting to sell six million units of the new MacBook before the end of the year.


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