We expect Apple to host an event this spring, but we don’t believe it will happen on the same day when Huawei, Xiaomi and a few other manufacturers announce their new top  devices. On March 27, Apple will present new products especially created for education, which suggests that we might see new hardware but also new software created with the purpose of helping in the classroom.

Because the MacBook Air is one of the most popular laptops when it comes to school computers, we expect to see the new “cheaper” laptop from Apple during this event. The description of the event says that we’re going to see solutions created by Apple for teachers but also for students so Apple might also release a more expensive laptop with Retina display teachers can use to present classes.

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And not least, this might be the event during which we’re going to get new details about new iPad tablets, as recent rumors suggest that the new iPad will be presented soon. we don’t exclude the release the a cheaper iPad, such as the last year’s model, with support for Apple Pencil, a tool that might prove to be useful in education apps.

In case you’re wondering why all major companies are anxious to present their products by the end of March, well the reasons are simply financial. The end of March is, for many companies, the end of the fiscal year and a shares boost at the end of the year might substantially increase the financial results of the last quarter.


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