Apple always wanted to have complete control over the hardware and software development for the company’s devices and the new project regarding the construction of the company’s own graphic processor comes to prove this once again.

Imagination Technologies, the company that builds the hardware components included in the iPhone ever since the first version came out, announces that Apple wants to cut the partnership in order to build its very own solution to be integrated in future iPhone smartphones.

This is not going to be nice for Imagination Technologies as the company relies on Apple for almost half of its revenue and the company is going to stop receiving money from Apple for devices that will be launched in the next two years.

If the information is accurate, then we can expect A chips ( that will include the CPU built by Apple as well as a GPU built by Apple ) that will be integrated in the iPhone smartphones that will arrive on the market starting with 2018.

The company already saw huge success with the ARM architecture processors which, most of the times, prove to be more advanced than those of rivals. But the particularities of the new design of the GPU will be treated with suspicions and this because it’s very hard to build your own proprietary chip without using patented technology. Right now the main concern of Imagination Technologies is that Apple might try to breach the company’s intellectual property.

So, based on what Apple manages to develop by itself, we’re either going to see a patent war or an innovating design for the new graphic processor.

Imagination Technologies claims the company is in talks with Apple about other commercial projects but it remains to be seen if the two companies end up signing another contract.


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