Apple has confirmed the fact that some iCloud data is being stored on servers owned by Google.

Apple has confirmed today that some of the data encrypted by iCloud are stored on Google’s cloud infrastructure, but Apple claims Google does not have access to the data. Apple claims that the data stored on Google’s servers is not sensitive data, but we reserve the right to be skeptical.

Apple has confirmed this through a document that talks about the information that are stored on third party cloud providers. Amazon is another company used by Apple to store data and, a while back, Apple confirmed that even Microsoft is a service provider.

The fact that Apple is using Google’s cloud infrastructure is a very interesting revealing especially if we look at the rivalry between Apple and Google. Google has a very good cloud platform, with many global servers, something that Apple also wants to create but the company is unable to do so at the moment.

Apple has data centers in the United States and the company is building others in Europe and China, but Apple is still far from achieving what Google already has. Apple wants to get rid of the company’s dependency on services provided by Microsoft, Google or Amazon, however the Cupertino company has to invest a lot of money in building a competitive CND infrastructure.


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