Every Apple product usually gets released during a huge event, but for the new iPad and the new red iPhone 7, Apple has made the decision of simply listing them on the website.

This was enough because many are now talking on social networks about the new red iPhone. We are talking about a red version of the model released last fall, the first of its kind for an iPhone.

Apple used to create devices in partnership with the RED association a few years back when the iPod was one of the most popular portable player. They where red versions of regular products, with normal prices, but they were only available in limited editions. Some of the revenue made from this line of products was usually transferred to the RED association who is dedicated to fight HIV / AIDS.

The same is going to happen with the revenue made from the red iPhone 7. The red iPhone 7 benefits from a red back cover, silver logo and a white frame around the display. Other than that the phone has the same hardware specifications as the models that were released in the past. Even the accessories that come in the package such as the Earpods, Lightning cable, jack adapter have the same white color.

The price is also the same, the basic iPhone 7 with 4.7 inches display and 128 GB storage being available at $749 while the iPhone 7 Plus with 5.5 inches display and 128 GB storage starts from $869. With this opportunity Apple has also upgrade the iPhone SE. Precisely, the iPhone SE gets more storage: the 32 GB version has a price tag of $399 while the $128 GB version has a price tag of $499.



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