iOS 14 from Apple

Apple doesn’t want to repeat what happened with the release of the iOS 13, which arrived on the market with some problems at the end of September of 2019. Apple talked with many software developers and the upcoming iOS 14 will take a different approach in the implementation and testing of features in order to keep stability and compatibility with existent software.

So, the new features which are not yet done will be disabled from the start in the beta version and those who test the iOS 14 will be able to activate each one through a special menu.

Even if Apple had iOS 13 in beta tests since the summer, the final version of the iOS 13 operating system turned out to be quite problematic. So, the iOS 13.1 version was released shortly after the official debut but in the mean time many other updates were released to fix all kinds of small and big problems that have been reported.

Most problems are not affecting end consumers. While an interface error and restarting an app is surely annoying, the smartphone continues to work as it should. Real problems appear for app developers who have to fix incompatibilities with some components of the operating system that are not yet functional.

So, in the future, app developers will be able to avoid such moments and to adapt their software to a new version much easier.

In theory, iOS 14 will be a much stable operating system because it will not provide new features before they are implemented in a stable version. For this reason, it is possible for iOS 14 to come without many new features. Apple might choose to implement more new features in iOS 15, which is set to release for 2021.

Apple has used a similar strategy in 2018 for iOS 12, which was one of the best mobile operating systems from Apple, after iOS 11 was problematic just like iOS 13.


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