Apple Park, the new Apple campus, will be officially inaugurated in April of this year. Apple intends to mark this event properly and the company wants to host the press conference to present the new iPhone SE 2017 and the new iPad Pro 2 tablet at the new Apple Park campus.

This information comes from Apple’s partners as they were asked by the Cupertino giant to peed up the production of the new iPad Pro 2. Initially, it was rumored that the iPad Pro 2 will be presented in March of this year and the launch of the 10.5 inches model will take place in May or in June but it seems that Apple has decided to speed up production.

Although the iPad Pro 2 10.5 inch version will enter production earlier, the new 12.9 inch version might enter production later than anticipated. Precisely, it will be released in May or in June on global markets, Apple focusing more on the regular version.

The fact that Apple wants to present the new iPhone Se 2017 and the new iPad Pro 2 in April at the new Apple Park is very plausible. We’ll only know for sure if this is true next week when Apple might send out invitations to journalists.

Last week it was rumored that Apple will inaugurate the new Apple Park on April 4 but we’ll wait until next week to see if this information is true or not.


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