Apple is bragging with a new record for the Apple Music platform as the company has confirmed yesterday the number of subscribers currently paying for access to the platform’s services.

Yesterday Apple has announced the record number of subscribers the Apple Music platform has recorded. According to Edde Cue, the Vice President of Apple, Apple Music counts no less than 38 million subscribers from all over the world. This means that in just one month the platform has gained more than 2 million users.

Getting 2 more million users in just one month is pretty impressive and this means that the Apple Music marketing campaigns are paying off. However this number cannot be compard to the 71 million subscribers Spotify had at the end of 2017 and we are sure Spotify now counts even more subscribers.

However, Apple Music manages to grow at a constant rate. The Apple Music platform has been launched well after the Spotify platform but the native integration with the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac helped it grow. Right now Apple Music is one of the biggest audio streaming services in the world and this is not going to change very soon.


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