iOS 13 has been around for a month now and in all this time Apple has rolled out many updates for this version of the operating system which came with new functionality and other updates to fix the problems iPhone and iPad user have reported in all this time. Even if we’re pretty close to the launch of the iOS 13.2 version, which will add the highly anticipated Deep Fusion feature, Apple wants to fix some problems faster by releasing the iOS 13.1.3 version along with iPadOS 13.1.3 for tablets.

Compared to other recent iOS updates which came with fixes for some serious problems it appears that iOS 13.1.3 and the iPadOS 13.1.3 are rather “clean-up”updates to set path of the next important update of the iOS operating system.

These are the problems that will be fixed by the iOS 13.1.3 and iPadOS 13.1.3:

  • fixes a problem that might prevent the device from ringing or vibrating when receiving a call
  • fixes a problem that did not allow an invitation to be opened in the Mail app
  • fixes a problem of the Health app that was not displaying information correctly after switching to Daylight Savings
  • fixes a problem with Voice Memos recordings that did not download from iCloud after restoring
  • fixes a problem that caused some apps to not download after a backup was restored from the iCloud
  • fixes a problem that prevented the device to connect to the Apple Watch
  • fixes a problem that caused the Bluetooth to disconnect from some car models
  • improves Bluetooth connection to audio devices
  • fixes a problem with the performance of some games in the Game Center

The fixes for the phone app and for Apple Watch are only valid for the iPhone because the iPad cannot be connected to the Apple Watch and cannot take phone calls.

If you own an iPhone released in 2015 or later or an iPad tablet newer than the Air 2 model you can download the new update on your device through OTA ( Over The Air ). If you haven’t received an update notification yet you can go to Configuration > General > Software update. For the iPhone X the update has a size of 110 MB and most likely the size is similar for other iPhone models as well.


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