Apple met with Sony Pictures and Paramount to talk about the possibility of producing movies in the future.

Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President at Apple attended the talks however, at this time, we don’t know Apple’s demands regarding movie production.

It appears that Apple might even be interested in purchasing a production studio and not just producing TV shows. Also, Apple has huge plans of entering the movie business however the original content won’t be available in movie theaters as it will be available in Apple Music, online.

A few months ago Apple was also in talks with some production studios to create original content or Apple Music but it appears that Apple wants more. Apple wants to create its own production studio to be able to compete with the likes of Amazon, Hulu and Netflix and Apple has to invest a few billions to make that happen.

Although Apple has to invest a lot of money to follow up with these plans, the company surely has enough money to make it happen. Apple is focusing a lot on increasing the number of Apple Music subscribers however this task will be very difficult without original content.


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