Considering the trends of the industry we are sure that in the near future we’re going to see a foldable phone released by Apple. It may not arrive right away but such a project is surely under development. Until we get to see how Apple decides to use this new format, we can look at some concept 3D images created by some designers who put on paper how the “iFlex” – the first foldable iPhone – might look like.

A YouTube channel called “Concept Creator” specialized in presenting futuristic designs, released a video in which we can see a video showing a device called iFlex. The device is a foldable Apple phone that can transform itself from a 5.6 inches phone into a tablet with a screen just like the iPad Mini.

The design created by Concept Creator includes a triple camera system on the back in a classic vertical layout, a retractable frontal camera, big hinges and a glass construction. It is curious that this concept includes an exterior 16:9 display and an interior 4:3 display, the last 16:9 display from Apple being the iPhone 8.

Apple might wait many years until releasing a phone with such a design. The problems Samsung encountered in the development of the Galaxy Fold are real, the technology of the foldable screens being still hard to implement in a device without making the device very fragile. Also, the iOS software has to be substantially modified in order to provide continuity from one screen to another. And not least, this device will not be waterproof, which suggests we’re going to get a very fragile phone.

Now that Samsung has delayed the release of the Galaxy Fold, all we can do is wait for an the alternative from Huawei, the Mate X, and this device has a lot of chances of becoming the first foldable smartphone to hit the market in case Samsung will take a longer time to fix the Galaxy Fold problems.




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