Apple has acted very quickly regarding app developers who collect personal data about users. Apple has started to contact developers and demand they remove the code in question right away because such practices are against the Terms of Use of the Apple App Store.

TechCrunch, who revealed these awful practices, contacted many app developers and they confirmed Apple has already ask them to remove the code that allows them to track user activity and collect personal data. Apple says that all guilty apps will be removed from the app store if this is not solved quickly.

Apple gave a deadline of just 24 hours for all app developers to comply.

TechCrunch has been in contact with Glassbox, the monitoring service used by many of the apps in question, but the company says they are not in contact with Apple and the only interactions with the iOS operating system is through app developers who integrate Glassbox code in their apps.

GlassBox is not just being used for iOS apps as app developers are also using Glassbox services for Android apps as well. The Google Play Store has similar terms of use as Apple and apps that record phone activity have to ask for permission. So far Google has not made an official statement regarding this topic.


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