Yesterday, Apple bought the company that developed the managed the famous Workflow app for the iPad and iPhone. The Workflow app manages users to combine the features of some iOS apps.

Using the Workflow app, users can automate dome app features, which would normally be more complex, the app being extremely appreciated in the App Store.

Surprisingly, Apple confirmed the purchase of the company that developed Workflow, Apple also saying that the app was awarded in 2015 for design. Moreover, Apple says that the accessibility features of Workflow makes it stand out in front of other similar apps, and this is probably the reason why Apple decided to buy the company.

Until now Workflow was not a free app in the App Store. Although it was a paid app, the app was very popular because it makes it easier for users to use some features. Even Apple has promoted the Workflow app in the past, on multiple occasions. And now, after the purchase, Workflow is available for free.

So, as part of the purchase, Apple has decided to make the Workflow app free in the App Store. Considering this decision, we can expect to see Workflow features being implemented in future iOS versions.

Are you using the Workflow app on your Apple devices ?


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