apple event

Many speculations have been made in the last few months about Apple’s future and upcoming devices and services. Well, Apple will set the record straight in a new event.

Apple is hosting events a few times a year to announce products, online services and software updates.  This time it appears that Apple is going to make an announcement regarding a new streaming service and a news platform that won’t be free.

It has been long rumored that Apple is working on a Netflix alternative. While Disney is also getting ready to launch its own streaming service, it appears that Apple is moving things along faster.

If confirmed, the major advantage of Apple’s new streaming service is the fact that it will aggregate content from many existing platforms into a single place, besides the original content developed by Apple.

During the same event Apple might also provide some details about a new aggregator, that will not be free. The news platform has been the subject of many speculations lately after it was revealed that Apple is putting pressure on content creators to drop the purchase prices of news and other type of media. The platform is expected to provide news content from sources such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post and others.

The subscription price of both projects is unknown at the moment but most likely these details will come to light during the new Apple event that will take place in March 25, 2019 at the Steve Jobs theater in Cupertino.

The Apple event might also provide details about new hardware products such as the AirPower, AirPods 2 or a new iPad.


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