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Apple has just announced that iOS 12 has made a major progress regarding the adoption rate, which is surprising from many points of view.

According to Apple, 80% of the total iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch active right now are running the new iOS 12 operating system.

Out of all devices that were launches in the last 4 years, 83% of them are now running iOS 12, the adoption rate growing by 5% in a single month. Compared to iOS 11, iOS 12 has a better evolution reaching an adoption rate of 75% in January compared to 65% adoption rate of the iOS 11 back in January of 2018.

ios 12 adoption rate

iOS 12 manages to get more attention from users also because of the new features that were implemented by Apple. Moreover, iOS 12 offers support for many Apple devices and performances are kept at a higher level, so it’s natural for users to want to install the update.

Compared to Android 9, which was launched before the iOS 12, the Android 9 has an adoption rate smaller than 1%, so small that Google is not even taking the time to make an official statement. This is the big difference between iOS 12 and Android 9: Apple fans get many new features while Android users are kind of left out.


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