Apple is currently investigating a case reported by a user from Florida, United States of America regarding a pair of Apple AirPods.

The Apple Airpods, available at a price tag of $159, generated a lot of negative feedback because of the design. Very expensive and very easy  to lose, the Apple AirPods come with another disadvantage compared to the wired version: users might risk getting hurt by fire.

According to the statements made by an unlucky user, one of the Airpods started to smoke when it was in the user’s ear. Noticing the danger, the user quickly removed the Airpods from his ears and left the room to ask for help.

The possible culprit, the Li-Polymer charger that can be found in both the Apple Airpods is much smaller than the ones used in smartphones. Even so, in the image you ca notice how the plastic of the case cracked and deformed which indicates exposure to high temperature that might have caused some serious injuries.

Apple was contacted for comment but the representatives of the company said they are investigating the incident and will provide more details as soon as they are available.



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