It doesn’t happen very often fr people to accept using technologies developed by the competition, with the exception of some cases where Apple has directly something to gain.

Considering the constantly increasing popularity of losless audio formats, used by demanding users to listen to their favorite music at the best possible quality, Apple has introduced preliminary support for rending FLAC audio files in the last iOS 11 Beta version. Apple already owns the ALAC codec ( Apple Lossless Audio Codec ), which is suitable for recording music without losing quality.

Helped by the fact that it is distributed openly, the FLAC codec became the standard for music lovers, and ignoring this reality is not good for Apple so the company had no choice but to accept an audio format that can’t be monetized through licensing services or used to block as many users as possible in the Apple ecosystem of products and services.

At the moment, support for FLAC files is only available in the iOS 11 bta version and can only be used in some circumstances. To be rendered, FLAC files are first loaded into the iCloud Drive account and synced with iOS, after which they can be played using the Files application. iTunes support is still lacking but it may arrive during the official release of the iOS 11 operating system.


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