Following the huge scandal regarding the daughter of the Huawei CEO, a new incident has taken place in Poland and it appears that one Huawei executive was working for the Chinese Government as a spy.

The economic and diplomatic relationships between China and the United States are no longer a mystery as the relations between the two countries are getting colder and colder every day.

The executive, who worked for Huawei in sales, was arrested in Poland along with a Polish high ranking intelligence officer. The executive is accused of stealing electronic documents from Huawei’s offices in Poland. The two suspects are going to remain in custody for at least three months over the course of the investigation. The two risk spending up to 10 years in prison for espionage..

In order to prevent Huawei’s image from being even more damaged, a Huawei spokesman confirmed that recent events and promised the company will conduct a professional analysis. Without providing other comments, the spokesman said Huawei always makes effort to comply with local laws and Huawei employees are always expected to fully comply with laws in countries where Huawei is doing business.




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