anna paquin the irishman
Anna Paquin in The Irishman

Anna Paquin plays the role of Peggy Sheeran, the daughter of Frank Sheeran ( Robert De Niro ), a hitman who worked for some of the most popular figures of the 20th century.

The highly anticipated The Irishman movie, the Netflix movie by Martin Scorsese, released in festivals and a few movie theaters before making its official debut on Netflix, has brought some criticism from the viewers because the leading female character only says six words throughout the movie.

Anna Paquin, who plays the role of Peggy Sheeran, the daughter of Robert De Niro’s character, has 10 minutes on screen time, which is very low considering that The Irishman has a duration of three hours and a half.

Martin Scorsese, who won the Oscar for best director and is one of Hollywood’s greats said that the staff decided that she has nothing to say in the movie.

Anna Paquin told MailOnline that plenty can be said even in the absence of words.

The Irishman, starring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, which made its premiere a the New York Film Festival and BFI London Film Festival has generated some pretty interesting reviews from movie critics who said that The Irishman is an “instant classic”.

In The Irishman, Robert De Niro plays war veteran Frank Sheeran, a con man and hitman who worked for some of the most famous people of the 20th century. With mobsters, hitmen and politicians, but also with a cast that includes some very big names, the movie is an extraordinary journey in the life of organized crime: how it works, rivalries and connections with politics.

The first reviews of The Irishman suggested that Martin Scorsese created a darker movie about the Mafia:”The Irishman is not a regular Mafia movie or a new Goodfellas but rather a memorable movie. What can be more American than that ?” some movie critics said.


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